SustainaBITES: Sip in Environmental Stewardship with Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters

Sustainability is not a marketing buzzword at the family-owned and operated West Chester coffee roaster Golden Valley Farms – it’s a way of life. For the past 25 years, John Sacharok, the man instrumental in building Wawa’s coffee program-and his partner, and sister Maryann Baldassarre have provided early risers with an eco-friendly alternative to big coffee companies.

“Even down to your coffee, you can choose to help in a positive way. Just this cup of coffee and where it comes from is helping the people of Peru have a better environment,” said Maryann, who serves as Golden Valley Farms President.

Golden Valley Farms carries 15-18 varieties of coffees and 7 flavors of loose leaf and bagged
organic teas; whether you are looking for whole beans or grounds, regular or decaf using the Swiss Water Process (using water to pull the caffeine not chemicals), a smooth, mellow, and medium roast coffee like their popular Breakfast Blend or their newest bold-flavored Wild Tiger Blend, they offer something for everyone. Every coffee bean that enters through their doors is USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified.

Learn the difference between traditional coffee and bird-friendly coffee on West Chester Dish. Photo by Golden Valley Farms.