Meet Full Spirited Flavours: Three Sisters Specializing in Gourmet Boozy Cakes

When the economy recently faltered, three local sisters decided to create a new business around an activity they were always sweet on – baking. The three sisters had always cooked and catered together and enjoyed each other’s company.

So in May of 2009, infused with a new entrepreneurial spirit, the trio created Full Spirited Flavours based in Phoenixville, a line of gourmet cakes infused with top shelf liqueurs and quality ingredients. The business was baked up by sisters Carole Algier, Sue Katein and Kathy Lanyon. Each one brings her own flavor and role to the company and their tiny office is filled with big hearts and lots of laughter.

Read the full article on Phoenixville Dish. Photo by Full Spirited Flavours.