The Top Reasons to Hire a Day Of Coordinator for Your Wedding

For me, my June and July had one theme — weddings, weddings, and more weddings! I attended weddings, went to bachelorette parties, and was a server and day of coordinator for Swig – Event Staffing and Coordination.

Before I delve into why your wedding needs a day of coordinator, I’ll start with what a day of coordinator does and does not do. A wedding coordinator manages more of the creative aspects of the wedding before the big day — decor, menu, seating charts, selecting vendors, — while the day of coordinator is the logistics-loving person that is obsessed with the perfect plan.

Day of coordinators help carry the baton across the wedding planning finish line, stepping in during one of the most stressful times of the planning period. They visit the venue with the happy couple, review and build a timeline, and make sure everything runs smoothly the day of the wedding. Here are the top reasons why your wedding needs a day of coordinator:

Two Heads Are Better Than One

When you are laser focused on something, which is 90% of wedding planning, it is easy to overlook minute details that can turn into big messes. Day of coordinators spend hours reviewing the timeline to make sure every t is crossed, i is dotted, and everything is well-planned before, during, and after your big day!

Professional Cat Herders

It’s not every day that one plans an elaborate party for hundreds of guests with five to 10 vendors that all require answers and attention. From fielding phone calls from lost vendors to greeting them in upon arrival, checking in on them throughout the night or tipping out at the end, the day of coordinator makes sure your vendors and guests have everything they need.

Schedule Samurais

Weddings whirl by. That is why most couples schedule out every minute of the day and day of coordinators create such a comprehensive plan. It’s easy for a timeline to run off course, but a day of coordinator is there to ensure smooth sailing when it comes to running on schedule.

Best Laid Plans…

As sad as this statement makes me, you can’t plan for everything! Guests are late. Fuses blow. Mother Nature doesn’t play by your rules. The day of coordinator puts out little fires (hopefully, not literally) throughout your wedding. Event planners are expert problem solvers, sometimes squashing issues that the couple and their guests never even know about.

Every Single Second is Yours

Before you know it, it is time to pack everything up and head home. When you hire a day of coordinator, you get to spend every moment with your new spouse, family, and friends!

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